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Residential Carpet Cleaning Services Bucks County, PA

Cleaning your carpets is very important! Your carpet can hold mold, dust and unwelcomed creators! Magic Carpet Care has been cleaning carpets in peoples homes in the Bucks County area for 50 years!

We take pride in our carpet cleaning process from start to finish!

We pre-treat the carpet with a bio-friendly cleaner paying special attention to heavily soiled areas.

We use a counter-rotating brush that loosens and pulls dirt from the bottom of the carpet to the service while removing lose debris such as dust and pet hair.

Finally we rinse the cleaner and dirt out of the carpet with our state of the art drag tool that pushes clear hot water through the carpet at 800-900 psi, leaving nothing behind on your carpet. Carpets will generally dry in 2-3 hours based on outdoor conditions.

If you have any questions concerning services, cleaning methods, or pricing please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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